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‘Roman Has Red Hair’ Book To Promote Ginger Empowerment For Children

‘Roman Has Red Hair’ Book To Promote Ginger Empowerment For Children

Growing up with red hair can be tough if you receive negative comments. We all know that this shouldn’t happen, and mother of a 18-month-old redhead, Melissa Giret, plans to pave the way for anti-bullying with her new book Roman Has Red Hair, dedicated to her son.

Cheeky little Roman!
After overhearing a group of kids cruelly laughing about her ginger son Roman’s hair colour, Melissa penned the story, with the aim to empower her little redhead to be proud of his bright ginger hair from an early age.

She plans to self-publish the book so that other parents can read the celebratory tale to their own little redheads, with dreams of a full series, too!

On her GoFundMe page, Melissa says: “It’s a great book to read to children who may be bullied or to children who feel a little different.”

If only we all had such an empowering book when we grew up! Support Melissa’s GoFundMe page to help get Roman Has Red Hair published.


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