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New Trailer: ‘La La Land’ Starring Emma Stone

Having convincing auburn-red hair is almost a superpower for Emma Stone. It may not be natural, but it’s her best hair shade (even if she does flit to other colours once in a while).

Emma’s latest ginger appearance is in La La Land, a musical, of all things. She has a sweet voice, too, proving that there’s nothing this superhero isn’t good at. And don’t forget Ryan Gosling, too, who also co-stars and sings.

Directed by Whiplash‘s Damien Chazelle, La La Land follows Sebastian (Gosling), an ambitious jazz performer, and his actress girlfriend, Mia (Stone), as they delve into the showbiz wonderland of Hollywood, full of opportunity and excitement.

Aside from the beautiful people, beautiful singing and beautiful red hair, the whole film looks like a hazy dream – and we can’t wait. Check out the trailer for La La Land above and watch in cinemas from December 2016!

Here’s the first teaser trailer…


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