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Coming Soon: Billions, Starring Damian Lewis

Coming Soon: Billions, Starring Damian Lewis

If you’re looking for a new binge watch…look no further. Coming to UK screens later this year, Billions is set to take over your lives, and its leading star is none other than gingerful and bright Damian Lewis!

Spending his time as a full-time flame-haired dreamboat, Damian Lewis is also a cracking actor. In 2001 he appeared in Band Of Brothers and since then has been very successful in both films and TV.

Billions Damian Lewis

The drama is centred around a game of power politics, delving into the intricate world of ultra-wealth and not-so-exemplary influential people. With the corruption in American politics already gripping audiences through House of Cards on Netflix, we’re ready for our next slice of American sleaze and who better to deliver it than a cast combining an Emmy award winner and a Golden Globe winner?

Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti co-star in the provocative drama centred in the world of New York high finance. Giamatti plays ruthless US Attorney Chuck Rhodes with a particular distaste for wealthy criminals who buy their way out of justice. Meanwhile, Lewis is introduced as Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod, who is a brilliant, ambitious hedge fund king. He’s extremely generous in public but grows his firm’s wealth by using bribery and insider trading. Each man tries to outmanoeuvre the other in a game where the stakes are in the billions!

Billions had a record-breaking US audience of 6.5 million for its pilot, and after episode two aired in the States, the show was swiftly recommissioned for a second series.

The show will air in the UK on Sky later this year. Check out the trailer above!


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