TV: Comedy Sketch, ‘Red Top’

Aside from being famously known for her journalism career at The Sun and News of the World (plus the scandals, too), Rebekah Brooks is also remembered for her wild, ginger hair.

All forms of media love to comment on Rebekah’s curly gingerness, sometimes in a joking way and other times to describe her determination and drive as a newspaper editor.


This is no different in UKTV Gold’s original comedy sketch ‘Red Top’, set in the 1970s and allegedly inspired by Rebekah Brooks’s personal life and work at News International. Comic Strip’s one-off show follows Rebekah as she goes from innocent northern girl to chief executive of News International, showing how she gets caught up in a phone-hacking scandal.

Maxine Peake Rebekah Brooks

The role of redhead Rebekah is played by Maxine Peake, who dons a curly ginger wig for the part.

She told the Observer: “When I heard that it was Rebekah Brooks I thought, ‘Brilliant’. The Brooks part is obviously a caricature, but I tried to pick up on elements of her character. People who’ve met her say, ‘I didn’t want to like her but I did’. Obviously she has some extraordinary charm that people really seem to fall for.”

Other characters include Tony Blair (played by Stephen Mangan), Andy Coulson (Russell Tovey), and her ex-husband, Ross Kemp (Harry Enfield).

Catch ‘Red Top’ on Gold tonight (20 January 2016) from 10pm.


[Images: UKTV]



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