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Photography: Take Part in ‘I Collect Gingers’ World Archive of Redheads

Trying to collect and calculate the world’s redheads is one hefty job.

But someone’s got to do it, and that someone is renowned South African artist Anthea Pokroy, creator of ‘I collect gingers’.


I collect gingers began in 2010 when Anthea set out on a mission to photograph, interview and catalogue 500 natural redheads, which resulted in an exhibition at a leading gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Since the exhibition, Anthea received thousands of requests from gingers all over the world asking how they could become part of the collection. She said: “This inspired me to take the movement global in an endeavour to further explore the complexities of collective identity and ‘otherness’, as well as the obscurities of racial profiling. I am attempting to interrogate the process of inclusion – and exclusion – that emerges from categorising people. As I myself am a ginger, this is my starting point to engage in this conversation.”

Thanks to its increasing popularity (and the wonderful ways of the Internet), the next phase of I collect gingers has gone global. For the first time ever, those with red hair from every corner of the world can become part of the largest archive of redheads. Ever.

There are three simple steps you need to follow to be included in the I collect gingers project:


Once all three steps have been completed, and in return for participating in the project, redheads will later receive a certified copy of their own personalised ginger identity card signed by the artist.

Anthea continues: “I see what I am doing as an almost anthropological study into a group of people with a shared, yet random, characteristic. My project suggests that hair becomes another coordinate from which we are able to create personal and collective identities and narratives. The collected photos, data and sound from hundreds, or hopefully thousands, of gingers will be collated to form part of my next solo exhibition.”

Interested? Of course you are. Details are above or visit icollectgingers.com.


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