The 10 Best Ginger Genius Happenings of 2015

As we look to the start of 2016, it’s time to reflect on 2015’s ginger genius happenings, and what a year it has been for redheads. From petitioning for emoji equality to co-organising London’s first ever Redhead Day UK, we’ve been mighty busy.

But the whole world of redheads has been busy, too – all 138,000,000 (ish) of you. Here’s our round-up of ginger genius happenings of 2015…


1. Red: A History of the Redhead by Jacky Colliss Harvey


2015 was the year that redheads around the world were able to learn all about the origins of ginger hair via Jacky Colliss Harvey’s detailed Red: A History of the Redhead.

Tracing as far back as 50,000 years ago, Red takes the reader through the Ancient Romans, the Egyptians, the Scythians, Elizabeth I’s reign…the list goes on. Eventually you make your way to modern day, ending at the Redhead Days event in the Netherlands.

Read our review of Red: A History of the Redhead


2. Ginger emoji petition

GingerEmoji (1)

Since February 2015, Ginger Parrot (and the rest of Gingerkind and redhead appreciators) have all been fighting for the right to have a ginger emoji on Apple keyboards.

Following the ‘diversification’ of emojis with over 300 racially and sexually diverse characters, redheads were once again missed out. Outraged and bewildered, we set up a petition on that attracted signatures from 16,000+ supporters who all believed gingers deserve their own smiley.

After a crazy amount of press attention, Ginger Parrot delivered their list of supporters straight to Apple HQ in California (banner and all), but the fight still continues. The struggle is real, and we won’t stop trying!

Read the full history of our fight for ginger emojis


3. We became pals with the ‘Gingers DO Have Souls’ kid


With almost 40,000,000 views of his ‘Gingers do have souls’ meltdown notched up on YouTube, we’ve had CopperCab (aka Mikey Kittrell) on our best friend wish list ever since he made his leap to fame back in 2010.

Watch the video above in which Mikey gets fairly animated about our petition for redhead emojis. Befriending mission: complete.


4. RED HOT-ness overload

RED HOT Grace Gray

Thanks to Thomas Knights and his endless pool of red-haired models and photography talent, 2015 brought us another sizzling year of good-looking ginger men, with the added introduction of RED HOT girls, too!

And Grace Gray, the cover girl of the RED HOT Girls 2016 calendar, has even started beauty blogging for Ginger Parrot, with heaps to come from her in the coming year. Talk about ginger friendship goals, eh?

Check out the 2016 RED HOT Calendars, or read interviews with the male and female models.


5. The world goes ginger nuts

A photo posted by @kristin_ess on

This year was the year that the world just wanted to be ginger. Whether you call it ‘pumpkin spice‘, ‘ronze‘, ‘strawberry bronde‘, or just plain ‘ginger’, you’re all part of Team Ginger in our eyes!    

6. Ed Sheeran launched ‘Gingerbread’ record label


  Costume = sorted   A photo posted by @teddysphotos on

Ed Sheeran is so keen on having ginger hair, that simply having a gingerbread man tattoo on his body wasn’t enough pride for him.

He named his newly launched record label ‘Gingerbread’ earlier this year!


7. Gingers-only cat sanctuary

Ginger-kittens (1)

Self-confessed ‘crazy cat lady’ June Fraser loves ginger cats so much that she decided to set up a sanctuary for them!

June said: “I just love gingers, we always pick ginger kittens over any other type of cat.”

Wouldn’t we all?


8. The Little Red-Haired Girl finally got a face

Redhaired-girl-Peanuts (1)

Charlie Brown’s dream girl got a long-awaited appearance in The Peanuts Movie in 2015!

Now the world can see how adorable she is and understand Charlie Brown’s lifelong infatuation – we’re not surprised at all.

The Peanuts Movie is out in cinemas now!


9. Redheads Anonymous showed that gingers are hilarious

Redheads Anon poster

Premiering on St Patrick’s Day, comedic web series Redheads Anonymous is the seriously clever brainchild of Elisabeth Ness, who stars in the series.

The show follows Molly, a natural redhead who wishes to win a coveted Redhead Scholarship, but must first discover, “What does it mean to be a redhead?”

Hilarity ensues, of course. Have a binge on the full first series for free, and look forward to the second series coming soon!


10. Redhead Day UK and the world’s other ginger gatherings

RHDUK group

Aside from exciting redhead events around the world in Ireland, Chicago, Milan and the Netherlands, 2015 also marked the first time Redhead Day UK came to London, with the event even starring in a double-page spread in Time Out London magazine.

Redhead Day UK offered a jam-packed day of activities, music, stalls, hairstyling and more, with hundreds of attendees flocking through the doors.

Overall though, 2015 definitely stood out to us as the year when the friendliness of our fellow ginger kin shone the brightest, with many event attendees choosing to visit multiple ginger gatherings. We’re one big ginger family, after all!


Happy New Year from the Ginger Parrot team! Here’s to a gingertastic 2016.



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