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Ginger Advent Funny: ‘Redheads Anonymous’, Season One

Dearest gingers, if you haven’t heard of Redheads Anonymous yet, where have you been? It’s OK though, we’re here to get you up to speed.

The five-episode comedy web series follows Molly, a natural redhead who wishes to win a coveted Redhead Scholarship, but must first discover, “What does it mean to be a redhead?”

The show also stars three other gingers, and explores people’s personal relationships with their identity and hair colour.

As part of our Ginger Advent Calendar 2015, have a festive binge on the full series of Redheads Anonymous below, and keep your eyes peeled for season 2!


Read an interview with Redheads Anonymous creator and actor Elisabeth Ness.

For more information, visit redheadsanonymous.com.


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