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Film: ‘The Boss’ Starring Melissa McCarthy

Now, we’re not ones for condoning the line, “You stupid ginger”, but when it’s thrown into a film about a kick-ass, fearless and fiery redhead, we might let it slide.

The Boss is all about powerful red-haired CEO Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy), the richest woman in America, who is arrested for insider trading. Upon her release, however, she decides to put her invaluable business know-how to good use and help a group of girl scouts to sell brownies once she’s released.

The power of a redhead is evident throughout, making us think that the claim that a ginger is more like to be your boss, is true. There’s obviously a perfectly good (and accurate) reason why it was decided that Melissa McCarthy’s hair should be dyed red for the movie, and we’re all the happier for it.

Check out the trailer below, and catch the full movie from 8 April 2016.


By Emma


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