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‘Ronze’ Red-Ginger Hair Shade Is The Hottest New Hair Colour

Forget fire-truck red or that so-red-it-could-never-be-natural ginger hair. Forget the convincing red hair dye jobs, too; this winter is all about the ‘ronze’.

Not quite brown enough to be considered brunette, but not 100% copper either, this two-tone hair colour is all the rage right now.

Hollywood actresses have been donning ronze for a while, including Emma Stone, Amy Adams and Christina Hendricks, who have all gone a little darker with their reddish shades.


Emma Stone in Irrational Man



Christina Hendricks



Amy Adams in American Hustle


Think roaring fires, pumpkin pie and cinnamon as your inspiration.

Considering the ‘ronze’ trend? Check back soon for tips on how to get ronze hair.


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