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Autumn is finally here and it’s the time of year that redheads really shine. The colours of Fall were made for gingers, and I’m not just talking about the reddish leaves!

From burnt orange (yes, orange) through to mustard yellow, fashion for Autumn/Winter 2015 offers gingers rich and warm colours that will have people turning their (non-red) heads.


Mustard Yellow


For women: Topshop: UK £24, US $37.03


For women: New Look, £24.99


For men: ASOS: UK £14, US $26

While plain old yellow is great as well, the muted tone of mustard yellow is much better for Autumn.

The shade has the same effect on red hair as bright yellow; it makes ginger locks pop and stand out. Red and yellow are almost opposite on the colour wheel, which means they are complementary when used together.

Anything that makes red hair stand out from the crowd is certainly OK by us!


Burnt Orange/Rust/Copper…Ginger


For women: ASOS: UK £30, US $54


For women: H&M: UK £14.99, US $24.99


For men: Nike at ASOS: UK £40, US $72

While some argue that this colour is too close to our natural copper hair and will clash, I have to respectfully disagree.

This colour not only goes nicely with the multi-tonal hues of red hair, but its boldness makes redheads pale skin practically glow.




For women: Topshop: UK £75, US $140


For women: ASOS: UK £50, US $90


For men: ASOS: UK £65, US $117

Brown suits redheads because it flatters the rusty copper hues of ginger hair. You will blend in with the beautiful trees on a pretty Fall day, which is surely enough to sway you?


By Emily



This chicken nugget and lollipop lover (not together, ick) comes to us from Michigan, USA.Aside from studying Communications, Emily is a plus size model, but she still finds time to overdose on celebrity gossip in between.Emily will be applying her incessant wit and sarcasm skills to all-round redhead-friendly subjects, with motivational confectionary in hand (and mouth).