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TV: Top Coppers, BBC Three

‘Copper’ is a word used to describe both ginger hair and policemen, so why not combine the two? That’s exactly what’s happens on Top Coppers, a spoof police comedy series coming soon to BBC Three.

Featuring detectives Mitch Rust (John Kearns) and John Mahogany (Steen Raskopoulos), the aptly-named red-haired police officers fight crime and attract ridicule in the Justice City Police Department.


Steen Raskopoulos and John Kearns

For those who are interested (and we know you’re dyeing to know), both John Kearns and Steen Raskopoulos’s hair is dyed red for the show. Though they’re pretty convincing as copper tops.

Check out the trailer above and catch the six-part series of Top Coppers on BBC Three and BBC Three HD through August 2015.


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