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St Patrick’s Day Parade of Gingers in Cork, Ireland


Celebrating red hair all over the world is what gingers do best. A Ginger Pride march through a town centre in Georgia, USA? No problem. A gigantic gathering in the Netherlands for a whole weekend? Piece of cake. One thing’s for sure; gingers are great at getting their red heads together for a jolly good knees-up.

The Irish Redhead Convention is no different, with its ginge-tastic weekend of shenanigans held in Crosshaven, Cork, on 21-23 August, welcoming hundreds and hundreds of redheads and ginger lovers to its land, complete with live music, photography, games and more!

But aside from the Irish Redhead Convention, St Patrick’s Day is of course one of the biggest dates of the Irish calendar.


In a bid to combine the two greatest events on the Irish calendar, the Irish Redhead Convention will take a starring role in Cork City’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade this 17th March.

What better way to celebrate Ireland’s national holiday than by joining the Redhead King and Queen and dozens of other gingers to parade through the streets of Cork? We’re so excited by the idea, that we’re hopping over to attend the event ourselves!

So if you have curly red hair, straight red hair, a gigantic ginger beard or a fabulous auburn moustache and you are available from 11am to 3pm on Tuesday 17th March 2015 in Cork city centre, then come join the party!

The parade display is promised to be REDiculously good, complete with red balloons courtesy of Red Balloon Cork. If you’d like to take part in the parade, click here.

And to top it off ahead of the Irish Redhead Convention event on 21-23 August, this year’s event will kick off with the Great Redhead Road Trip, a 10-day guided tour of Ireland from 15-24 August, discovering all the best red hair-itage that Ireland has to offer. The whole trip will come to a splendidly gingerful close at the Convention in Crosshaven, Cork.


For more information on the Irish Redhead Convention, visit www.redheadconvention.ie.


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