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With winter coming to a close, it’s time to be on the lookout for jackets for spring. Because soon, very soon, we can stuff our tiresome winter coats at the back of our wardrobes, and put light spring jackets in their place.

Topshop’s army green parka jacket comes out on top for this week’s Ginger Fashion Love at £60. Its deep colour will really give our ginger hair a chance to pop in the springtime sunlight, so whether you class your red hair colour as copper, rust or auburn, this jacket will look gingerfully fabulous on redheads.

Aside from the fact that this jacket can be worn with any outfit to give it a bit of an edgy style, the fact that it is such a compliment to our red hair is just a tasty bonus.


By Emily


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This chicken nugget and lollipop lover (not together, ick) comes to us from Michigan, USA.Aside from studying Communications, Emily is a plus size model, but she still finds time to overdose on celebrity gossip in between.Emily will be applying her incessant wit and sarcasm skills to all-round redhead-friendly subjects, with motivational confectionary in hand (and mouth).