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Hayley Williams is making the most of her time off from Paramore’s latest tour (until late April, anyway), by becoming a TV presenter!


As if being an incredible frontwoman and all-round ginger goddess wasn’t enough, Hayley is now an online TV presenter of her own beauty and music show, ‘Kiss Off’, shown on Popular TV. Yes, there really isn’t anything the dyeing redhead can’t do. We’d probably hate her if she wasn’t so darned wonderful.

Each episode of ‘Kiss Off’ will focus on a beauty look that Hayley and her make-up artist Brian O’Connor will create in front of your eyes, selecting Hayley’s personal style influences as their inspiration. And if that’s not enough, each episode is filmed in Hayley’s own home!

She told MTV: “I want beauty, especially for younger people, to feel less like ‘make yourself socially acceptable’ and more like ‘express yourself bravely and feel beautiful and cool being you’.

“We want people to look in unexpected places for inspiration and not be afraid to try things just for the hell of it. You’d be surprised at what makes you feel beautiful and how strong you feel when you break a few rules.”

Too right, Hayley. All redheads should be loud and proud with their looks; be daring, because those with red hair can flaunt their individuality better than anyone (and get away with it)!

‘Kiss Off’ isn’t the only thing that Hayley has been up to over the past couple of months. She’s been a busy bee. Besides from getting engaged (sorry, world), Hayley is also setting up her own hair dye company, which she says is now in production.

So if you’ve been working towards Hayley’s trademark dazzling orange shade, look no further! The dream shall soon be yours.

Check out the first episode of ‘Kiss Off’ here!


[Image and video: Popular TV]


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