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Did you know that The Wizard of Oz was originally released on 1 January, 1939? That means that Dorothy’s hair turned a gorgeous shade of ginger almost 76 years ago, after she stepped out of her house into the land of the munchkins.

And to celebrate, we’re heading ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ and landing in 2015 wearing these red glitter heels which are this week’s Ginger Fashion Love.

Are you ready to click your ruby red heels together three times and follow the yellow brick road? You will be ready once you put on ALDO’s Passarello Red Glitter Chunky Heeled Court Shoes.

Reduced from £70 to £42 at ASOS, they truly are the ultimate tribute to our favourite redhead from Kansas!


We recommend wearing them with a fun and flirty dress or a pair of ankle-length tailored trousers or jeans. Dress them up or dress them down – the possibilities are endless!


By Elizabeth

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