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Film Review: Interstellar, Starring Triple Redheads!

Film Review: Interstellar, Starring Triple Redheads!

Christopher Nolan is never shy of The Epic Movie. With a back catalogue featuring Inception and the Batman trilogy, Nolan knows a movie should have the audiences visually stunned: sitting back in their seats, gripping the handles and wondering what is going to happen next.

And Interstellar is no different. Granted it leaves you thinking, ‘Well, that was a little farfetched’, but my goodness, it’s definitely memorable.

Let’s set the scene (without giving the game away). Earth is running out of oxygen and food, leaving the human race to suffocate or starve. Matthew McConaughey (Cooper) is asked to be the pilot for Earth’s last hope, forcing him to decide between attempting to save the human race or staying back on Earth with his family. Is it better to leave and save the masses or stay with your family during trying times?

There is no doubt about it – Interstellar is gripping throughout. But our most favourite aspect of all is the evolution of a young red-haired girl. Her character is fiery and determined, like most ginger characters in the film circuit.



Murph, Cooper’s ten-year-old daughter, is firstly played by Mackenzie Foy, who is a bright young ginger girl who goes against her school teachings and lives for science, staying true to the stubborn stereotype of redheads throughout the movie. Adventurous and bright, this redhead is going to change the planet someday.



The older and much more complex Murph is played by our beloved red-haired beauty Jessica Chastain. Older Murph is complex yet determined. Trying to solve equations that could save the human race, Murph shows a determined redhead when the planet needs one.


The Exorcist / Requiem for a Dream

Then finally, Murph’s character comes to an end with the legendary Ellen Burstyn, who has appeared in such great films as The Exorcist and Requiem for a Dream. When Burstyn began acting she had a perfectly styled auburn hair. As a proud and accomplished woman, Burstyn does Murph great justice.

Whether you’re drawn to another Epic Movie by Christopher Nolan for its out-of-this-world storyline (literally), or just from its glorious selection of ginger actresses, Interstellar is the one for you.


Interstellar is out in mainstream cinemas now.


By Kirsty


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