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Coming Soon: Cinderella

Coming Soon: Cinderella

Cinderella is a fairytale we are all familiar with. From the glass slippers to the fairy godmother (who we are all still awaiting to grant our wishes), it is a part of our Disneyfied childhood.

But now we can relive our inner child’s fantasies, as British actor and director Kenneth Branagh collaborates with Disney to retell the story, taking us back to the princess tea parties and pumpkin carriages.


Making the film ever better is Cate Blanchett who has recently picked up a Academy Award and ginger hair to match her awesomeness. Cate plays the evil step mother, Lady Tremaine.

Two other gingers in the film are the ugly step sisters. Do not be offended fellow redheads they are not really all that ugly! But still, it’s a bit harsh. Pulling off red hair like it’s their own is Holliday Grainger (Anastasia) and Sophie McShera (Drizella).

Cinderella is set for release in March 2015. Check out the trailer above!


By Kirsty


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