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Ginger Fashion Love: Hot Topic’s Little Mermaid Top


This month, we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Little Mermaid, starring that gorgeous ginger Disney princess, Ariel! And if you didn’t dress up as the Little Mermaid for Halloween, or if you did and you just can’t get enough, you can join Ariel under the sea by making waves with our new Ginger Fashion Love Of The Week.

In honour of our favourite flame-haired mermaid, you can feel like a kid again in this fun and whimsical tank top, that will make you part of her world. Since the weather has now turned cooler, this piece is the perfect layering item for redheads this autumn.

Pairing this tank top with a cute cardigan or blazer would make a fabulous ensemble, or you could always just wear it with some pyjama bottoms while you’re hanging out at home, singing along as you watch your favourite movie again and again.

Either way you wear it, you’ll be paying homage to that stunning redheaded siren of the ocean.

The best part – this tank a major steal for $11.99 at Hot Topic!


By Elizabeth

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