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Autumn Fashion For Gingers, As Told By Pantone

Autumn Fashion For Gingers, As Told By Pantone


Autumn is the time of the year when redheads are at their prettiest. The autumn leaves, the lush green grass and the light of the low sun setting make our red hair look all the more ginger, which is OK by us.

To make it a double whammy, this Autumn’s fashion colours as told by Pantone are also to our gingerful advantage.

Pantone’s annual fashion report lists Royal Blue, Aluminium Grey, Misted Yellow, Cypress Green and Sangria Purple as some of this season’s top fashion colours – and they are all made for gingers!

Each shade is fun and vibrant, which is something us redheads shouldn’t hide from. Brave the brightness, because these colours match our pale skin tone and fiery hair perfectly.


Royal Blue


This deep vivid blue is flattering on any ginger, but especially if you have blue eyes – they will pop! And a really good tip is to combine with red lipstick.


H&M: £19.99




Lighter shades of grey can be difficult for some people to wear, but if you’re ginger, you can pull it off with style.

Wearing plainer colours simply leaves room for your glowing red hair to really be the centre of attention, like it deserves.


Forever 21: $22.80


Misted Yellow


This darker yellow suites gingers perfect! In this darker season this happy colour will keep up your gingerful spirits. A skirt, handbag or a pair of jeans in this colour will make you catch more eyes than usual!


H&M: £ 14.99




As all redheads know, green is the ultimate colour for redheads. The contrast with our red hair is what makes this colour work like magic on us.


Anthropologie: £48.95




This warm purple shade looks delicious like sangria on gingers! The deep undertones make it very flattering on us, complimenting copper hair shades nicely.


Mango: £19.99


By Susanna


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Created for redheads, by redheads.


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