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International Red Panda Day: Competition To Name A Baby Red Panda

ND1409-Sep446 Fota Bonnie Red Panda.

Redheads come in all shapes and sizes, with the cutest probably being the red panda, with its ability to be as brilliantly ginger as a fox and as cuddly as a panda bear.

And this little red-haired fellow (above), needs your help! The Fota Wildlife Park is in the market for a name for this bundle of ginger joy, and it’s up to you!

Staff at the park are seeking name suggestions for the three-month-old fur ball, which arrived in Cork, Ireland, as a freshly hatched bairn. It is unknown at this stage whether the animal is female or male.

The call for a name for the red panda cub comes at the perfect time too, as Saturday 20th September marks the 5th annual International Red Panda Day! Yep, it’s a thing.

The person with the best name suggestion for the red-haired cub will get a VIP tour behind the scenes of the park, along with an annual membership!

Since its arrival to the County Cork park, the cub has been popping up around the park accompanied by its mother, Bonnie. Watch the video above to make you coo with cute appreciation…


Gender-neutral name suggestions are recommended, and you can enter the competition on Fota Wildlife Park’s website, and more info on International Red Panda Day can be found on the Red Panda Network.


By Emma

[Image: Neil Danton]


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