Ginger Parrot’s Checklist For Redhead Days 2014


Redhead Days 2014 is kicking off this weekend, 5-7 September, and we’re extremely excited because it’s the highlight of our year!

So, to prepare you (and us) for the world’s largest ginger gathering, here’s our ultimate checklist for the event…


1. Ginger hair

Red, copper, strawberry blonde. Whatever the shade, just make sure you’ve got it.

Well actually, if you don’t have red hair, that’s OK, but you just won’t have as much fun or as many photos taken of you, as the rest of us. Because gingers rule.


2. Purple clothing, accessories, everything

Aside from the official event’s colour being purple, this year’s theme is also ‘Wonderland’, so dress to impress!


3. Sunscreen

Do we really need to explain this one?


4. Camera

Once again, we’ll be snapping away, taking photos for our ever-popular Backs Of People’s Red Heads album. Because, really, red hair is just that interesting.


5. More cameras

Because we know how technology can sometimes fail, we’ll be armed with many a device. And, because the Ginger Pub Crawl gets so messy, we figured that disposable cameras were a good (and safe) idea.

Plus, they’re pretty fun to use.


6. Clothing that screams Ginger Pride


All Pure Carrot Diamond Tops and GINGEs should have one or both of these!


The Ginger Parrot Team’s Checklist

We’ve been preparing for this day for a long long time, and it’s finally here! So you can bet your gorgeous red locks that we’ll be ready. We were born ready.


Ginger Parrot T-shirts

We’ll be there, wandering around with Scarlett, the feisty, original Ginger Parrot, emblazoned across our tees. You won’t be able to miss us, so come say hi!


Internet connection (we will find one)

Making sure everyone is kept in the loop, including those redheads who weren’t lucky enough to attend this magnificent event, we’ll be TweetingFacebooking, Instagramming, and posting articles and photos as often as we can. We won’t abandon you!



Oh yes, once again, we shall we spreading our ginger joy across Breda via our temporary tattoos. But this year, we have new designs! Come chat to us during the weekend to get one.


And one last thing…

This is a BIGGIE. We want to challenge YOU, our fair, beautiful, red-haired pals, to post your most epic ginger selfies and group photos from your weekend at Redhead Days 2014.

Whether it’s with new or old friends, or amongst a giant group photo, we want to see YOU! Make sure you post them to your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #GingerSnaps.

Good luck, the winner gets a GINGE or GINGE Lover t-shirt!



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