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Music Review: La Roux, ‘Trouble In Paradise’

La Roux Trouble in Paradise

OK, so I think it’s safe to say that we all love a bit of La Roux (which directly translates to ‘red-haired one’ in French, by the way) to get us up and moving.

The ginger goddess had a lot of synth-pop vibes going on in her debut self-titled album in 2009 with hits such as ‘Bulletproof’ and ‘In For The Kill’.

That’s why I was surprised when I hit play for the first time on Trouble In Paradise. What I heard was completely unrecognisable in comparison to the La Roux we’re all used to.

I continued listening to the album to discover that it is filled to the brim with unmistakably 80s vibes. At first I was too shocked to know if I even liked what I was hearing or not.

So I went and listened to La Roux’s first album and then came back to it. Yep. Definitely different. But still good.

La Roux’s talent is very much apparent throughout the album, and in an interview with the Irish Times she (her real name is Elly Jackson) states that her sole purpose with this album was to become the artist she was meant to be.

The reason behind Elly’s huge musical transition is a lot likely down to the split from her partner Ben Langmaid who co-wrote and co-produced with her for La Roux’s first album, and is the likely inspiration for some of the tracks on Trouble In Paradise, such as ‘Silent Partner’.

This new album transitions from a fun, flirtatious first half with ‘Uptight Downtown’ and ‘Kiss And Not Tell’ to a more serious – but just as upbeat – second half with ‘Silent Partner’ and ‘Let Me Down Gently’.

I would recommend giving Trouble In Paradise a try, however if you were a die-hard La Roux fan back in 2009 – be prepared for some serious changes.


Available to buy on iTunes now.


By Niamh


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