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Music Review: Ed Sheeran, ‘X’

IT’S FINALLY HERE. Yes, I am a bit late in writing a review of my favourite ginger singer/songwriter’s second studio album – but that’s because I haven’t been able to stop hitting the replay button on my iTunes and knuckle down at the keyboard long enough to spit out more than a sentence… oops.

I’m just gonna jump right in and say that I didn’t expect Ed Sheeran to be able to top his first album “+”, which was released in September 2011.

Back then, the flame-haired singer took the world, charts and our hearts by storm, and despite a lot of artists’ and bands’ work going downhill after their first major breakthrough in the music industry, that is not Ed Sheeran’s plan.

‘X’ clearly shows the level of hard work and dedication Sheeran puts into his music as well as showcasing an amazing vocal range and diverse singing style. There is a huge range of emotion as each track is unique and extremely catchy whether upbeat or not.

Evidently, since its release in June, ‘X’ has proved to be extremely successful, having charted at number one in 12 countries so far, and reached the top five in nine others.

If I tried to pick a favourite song from ‘X’ I would end up listing half of the album, so I’ll spare you the agony of reading that and instead recommend the album in its entirety.

Whether you’re an already established Sheeranator or you have yet to warm up to the redheaded maestro, give it a listen, starting with ‘Sing’ at the top of the page (complete with Ed lookalike puppet!) . I promise you will not be disappointed.


Ed Sheeran’s ‘X’ is available to download on iTunes now.


By Niamh


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