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Summer is finally here! But with great sun comes great responsibility. No, I’m not about to start nagging you to wear sunscreen – because you’re already wearing it, right?

Instead, it’s about time that we gave some TLC to our eyes – it’s a difficult job squinting through all that fabulous sunlight all day long.

So how do we fix this problem? And more importantly, how do we manage to pull off fixing this problem in a way that actually enhances our already dashing good looks and style?



Sunglasses have become one of the most necessary accessories among womankind in recent years. Sunny, cloudy, nighttime – not even the weather can dictate our sunglasses-wearing behaviour.

So if you’re on the prowl for a shiny new pair, or need some guidance on which sunglasses to buy, never fear, here are ten of this season’s coolest (and wackiest) eyewear for redheads…


Sunglasses for Redheads ASOS Topshop

If you want to make a statement, there are plenty of different styles and shapes of sunglasses available in vibrant colours, such as bold red Karl Lagerfeld and Italia Independent shades available from ASOS for £145 (left) or bright turquoise cat-eye sunglasses costing £16 at Topshop (right).


Sunglasses for Redheads ASOS Forever 21

If you’re really not sure about the whole shades thing, it’s probably safer to stick to the classics. You can’t go wrong with aviators, such as the ASOS blue-mirrored lens aviators at £12 (left).

Another type of sunglasses that have been around for quite a while is the oversized shades that seem to make up approximately 70% of Hollywood and can be snagged up for a mere £4.50 at Forever 21 (right).


Forever 21 ASOS Sunglasses For Redheads

Hopefully my inner fangirl isn’t showing too much here but if you’re really into the ‘boy wizard’ style, these Harry Potter-esque sunglasses (right) can be picked up at ASOS for £10, or if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, a more Luna Lovegood style of round sunglasses may be found in Forever 21 at £4.50 (left).


Forever 21 Sunglasses For Redheads

If you want something cute and sweet, heart-shaped shades are the perfect pick (right). But if you’re looking to put a slight edge to your cuteness, these vintage-inspired sunglasses (left) are an even better find. Both are available in Forever 21 costing £4.50.


Topshop Sunglasses For Redheads

OK – here come the stranger ones. The flower detail glasses (left) are perfect if you’ve got those summer vibes going on and can be found for £18 in Topshop.

The black contrast shades (right) are a little more wacky, but if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd (with the aid of your red hair!), they will never betray you. These frivolous shades can also be found in Topshop at a higher price of £35 (right).


By Niamh


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