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Don’t Kick: Just Kiss, Hug or High Five A Ginger Day!

So apparently, today, 20th May 2014, is ‘Kick A Ginger Day’.


As ever, the day that originated from South Park’s ‘Ginger Kids’ episode has reared its ugly head again, so we say:

Don’t-Kick-A-Ginger-Just Kiss-Hug-Or-High-Five-A-Ginger Day


Sure, it’s a bit of a mouthful, but it’s much nicer to do.

And, to report a turn of change, the, ahem, official Kick A Ginger Day website now displays a disclaimer that reads: “Kick-a-ginger-day is not a serious event. It’s a joke which originated from Southpark. Don’t kick anyone, we love gingers!” So maybe we’re getting somewhere.

So, redheads and redhead lovers, go forth and kiss, hug and high five a ginger today. But maybe ask permission first.


Ginger Parrot

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