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Fashion: How To Wear White With Red Hair

As redheads, we are generally told to wear certain colours that won’t wash us out. Finding the right shade of any colour that works well with redheads’ pale skin tone and ginger hair can be limiting, but, we’re here to tell you that you can wear more colours than you think!

In fact, white is the equal balance of all the colours in the spectrum. And, more than anything, it is a shade that redheads should be brave enough to wear.

Katy B Red Hair White Clothes - Still Video

Dyeing redhead Katy B proves that white clothing suits redheads in her video for her latest single, ‘Still’.

Katy looks absolutely stunning in her monochromatic all-white video. Dressed from head to toe in white against an all-white background, everything accentuates the powerful brightness her gorgeous ginger locks.

Her make-up looks flawless too, teaming black eyeliner and mascara with a neutral eyeshadow and subtle pink lipstick, to make her red hair pop even more.

Check out the video (above) and see if it doesn’t inspire you to go for a monochromatic all-white look this season!

And for those who are already inspired, here are our favourite high street finds for white clothing for redheads…


Topshop White Skirt

Topshop: £55


H and M White Skater Dress

H&M: £7.99


H and M Lace White Dress

H&M: £19.99

Topshop White Jumpsuit

Topshop: £49


By Sarah


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