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TV: Vote For Award-Winning TV Web-Series Cuckoo!

Gingers who belong to a family of Weasleys can rest (fairly) assured of their parental heritage. But what if your parents don’t have natural red hair?

It’s not uncommon for the ginger gene to skip a generation or three. After all, one of the most beautiful things about redheads’ mutated MC1R gene is its unpredictability!

But new Irish web series Cuckoo follows Niamh Keegan (played by Pagan McGrath), a ginger teenage girl who has felt like an outsider from an early age, mostly thanks to her red hair.

She has nothing in common with her brunette parents, and following the release of a recently constructed police photograph, Niamh starts to question her mother and father.

The photo uses detailed computerised technology to ‘age’ old photos of children who disappeared in the past, and the resemblance between Niamh and abducted ‘Shaney Vickers’ is uncanny.

At this point, Niamh’s imagination runs riot. Is she Shaney Vickers? Did her parents abduct her as a baby?


For Niamh’s overactive teenage mind, it’s the perfect drama to revel in and give her life some heroic meaning.

She quickly becomes obsessed, and searches through her family’s photo history, and even stalks her ‘supposed’ redheaded mother, Tina Vickers, becoming more and more convinced that she is her real mother.

Cuckoo has quickly met acclaim at a number of international film festivals, picking up the award for Best Writing at the International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) Awards, along with nominations for Best Directing (Drama) for Danann Breathnach, and Best Female Actress (Drama) for Pagan McGrath, who was up against Julia Stiles and Anna Paquin.

Amongst other awards and nominations, the hope is to continue the Cuckoo series to engage with audiences through other media platforms, including TV, film, theatre, apps and online magazines.

So far, the show runs as four separate six-minute webisodes, but it needs votes to continue, expand and spread its glorious gingerness!

Vote for Cuckoo here by 28th March 2014. To watch all four webisodes, click here.


For more info on Cuckoo, visit its Facebook page.


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