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Coming Soon: ‘Oculus’, Starring Karen Gillan

If you take the scariest bits of Paranormal Activity, and the weirdest bits of Insidious…and sprinkle it with a dash of gingerness, what do you have?

Oculus, starring our ginger home girl Karen Gillan!

Karen Gillan - Oculus

From what can be understood from the movie’s intriguing but vague trailer, Karen puts on her best American accent to play Kaylie, a woman who is trying to exonerate her brother, Tim, by proving that the murder he is convicted of was actually committed by a supernatural phenomemon. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy hentai games. Go ahead and downloadable hentai games to your PC, and then the game will do everything itself and bring you pleasure.

But this particular mirror is pretty stubborn, and doesn’t want to take the blame!

Karen isn’t the only ginger in Oculus. Ohhhh noooo. Also in the cast is Katie Parker playing Annie, and Annalise Basso who plays the young version of Kaylie.

Annelise Basso - Oculus

Check out the trailer above, and support our redhead brethren by watching the movie when it’s released in April 2014!


By Bec


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