Orla Gartland’s Review of Ginger Parrot’s New Hair Products For Redheads…

So I’m no shampoo or conditioner expert here, but allow me to try my best.

Let’s set up the scenario. I’m a proud natural redhead – my hair’s long, straight and if I have to skip a wash it looks like someone’s tipped a frying pan over my head. Not a fantastic look.

I dip-dyed the ends blonde a couple of months ago – it made my hair a little dry so most of it has grown/been chopped out since! Cool. Now let’s do this.

Hair Products For Redheads - Gingers

First impression of the Henna and Horsechestnut Shampoo? It’s a funny colour, but this shampoo is the real deal, there’s natural stuff in this, so let’s remind ourselves that this colour is far better than an unnerving shade of neon blue.

Second impression: it’s got an awesome smell. It’s wacky and not as sweet as I expected but I like it!

Hair Products for Redheads Gingers

I used the Henna and Horsechestnut Shampoo and Conditioner alongside one another in six washes over 13 days. During showering, I noticed how much shampoo I needed to create a lather, but then I remembered that this is due to no nasty chemicals in the ingredients. So, oh well. The main thing here is the colour EFFECT of usage. And these delighted me greatly.

After two washes, I began to notice how shiny (but not greasy – WINNING) my locks were. My ginger hair was soft, especially at the ends where it was originally a little dry before. This was an ultimate win. Happy ginge!

Of course, the real killer beauty of this shampoo and conditioner duo is that they’re made just for carrot-heads. And yes! Towards the end of the trail – the 7th or 8th day – a friend asked me if I had coloured or lightened my red hair. Hehehe. Sucker.

It’s hard to notice progress on your own hair as all rooms have different lighting, but after a friend questioned it there was no denying that the products had indeed made my hair EVEN. MORE. GINGE.



By Orla Gartland


Orla Gartland is a red-haired singer/songwriter from Dublin. She has become a hit on YouTube with more than 10 million views, and her debut EP ‘Roots’ hit Number 1 in the main Irish albums chart back in November 2013, the lucky thing.

Download ‘Roots’ now on iTunes! And for more info on Orla Gartland, read our interview! She likes our GINGE t-shirt, too!


You can buy the Henna and Horsechestnut Shampoo and Conditioner For Redheads (both natural and dyed, don’t you know) exclusively at the Ginger Parrot Store. There’s even a money-saving bundle package for just £15, and all with worldwide shipping available.



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