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Coming Soon: Those Who Wander, Starring Bonnie Wright

It’s been a loooong while since we last saw ginger-haired Bonnie Wright, but finally, here’s a sneaky peek at the natural redhead in her next movie, Those Who Wander.


It’s an indie film, of course, which she’s been favouring lately, most likely in a bid to move away from Harry Potter to stretch her beautiful ginger-feathered wings.

Those Who Wander follows 19-year-old student Zoe (Bonnie Wright) on a coming-of-age bid to shake her boredom with her exams, the city and her complicated love life.



With friends in tow, Zoe decides to take a road trip in the name of breaking free and having fun. But, this adventure turns out to be the opposite of fun, with drama and danger following the group everywhere they go.

The film has no set release date yet, but we can’t wait to see Bonnie and her gorgeous red hair on our screens again soon!


By Emma

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