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The Wondrous Fox: Gingerism

The Wondrous Fox: Gingerism

The Wondrous Fox Illustrations

The curious ponderings of your friendly neighborhood Fox.


Before I came to live with Laura, I used to live in the wild (a lot of animals seem to live there). And there were a few animals in the woods that used to pick on me.

And why did they pick on me? Well, you’re not going to believe this, but it was because of my red fur!

They seemed to think that the shock of ginger fur made me stand out like a sore paw – and they thought that was a bad thing. When playing with my friends, in amongst the browns and greys of their pelts, mine definitely stood out.

Sneering badgers and cackling shrews would point and laugh, name-calling until their throats grew sore.

It got me quite down for a while; I told my friend Rabbit, but he didn’t really understand. Friends can pat you on the back and say, “It’s okay, don’t let it get to you”, but it can take a lot more than that to help you onto your paws again.

Then, one day as the sun began to set, I padded up through the trees and perched myself on the overhang of a hill that looked out over the woodland. The view in itself is beautifully picturesque; clusters of trees scooping inwards towards the sparkling waters of the river that runs through the dip of the valley.

I had always found the woods to be pretty, but it was at its very prettiest at this time of day. And then I realised why it looked so lovely…

Wondrous Fox - Gingerism

As the sun crept down towards the hills to have a nice long nap, the sky became infused with a blend of pastel colours: soft blues, pinks, yellows, reds and orange. The sunset gave out an orange light that flooded over the land; from the green leaves of the trees to the glistening water of the creek, everything was tickled with a wonderful hazy golden-orange glow.

I sat, watching over a world at its very beautiful-ist, painted in ginger, and looked over my shoulder at my fur – also glowing in the sun’s light.

“Why should I be afraid?” I thought. “Why should I feel ashamed of my fur? Why is it bad to be different?”

I realised something that day that was very important:

I am different. I am beautiful. I am ginger. And I am proud!

From that point on, I decided to celebrate how lucky I am to have had such an incredible colour of fur. I let the sneers and the name-calling slide away like an eel on an ice-rink. Then, later on, living with Laura and starting my blog, Ginger Parrot came along and I felt even prouder of my fur!

I think ‘gingerism’ is as much as an issue as any other form of bullying. But I urge all those who feel a little bit blue sometimes, to put your chin up and start feeling a little bit orange. You are beautiful just the way you are. You are unique and wonderful, and genetically empowered!

We should all look at the sneering badgers and cackling shrews of life, and think “Well. My fur is much more interesting than theirs… Which makes me more interesting!”


Lots of ginger love,



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