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Redheads get noticed whether they like it or not. For the shy redhead, it can sometimes be uncomfortable, but our kind as a whole mostly just accepts it.

It can get weird when strangers stare at you or talk to you, but most of the time it’s either an old lady reminiscing about her now-grey-but-once-ginger hair or some guy trying to ask you on a date.

Either way, it’s mostly harmless. It starts early (people are impulsively drawn to adorable ginger babies) and continues until our own hair starts to lighten as silver-white hairs replace the red ones.

My little gingers are people magnets. Their red hair is exotic and captivates the attentions of all who come across them, not unlike the Sirens of Greek mythology. They lure people in, gain their trust and then they strike and devour all souls within reach. Just kidding (or am I?).

Ginger Kids

I recently took Logan and Evelyn to a second-hand book sale. It was like a Garden of Eden in the basement of our local library! Logan and I are avid readers, and even though Evelyn can’t read yet, she LOVES books.

I’ve tried hard to instil a love of reading in my little redheaded kids because I want to be sure they grow up to have brains to accompany their ginger beauty.

Almost immediately after we walked into the room where the book sale was being held, a sort-of creepy old guy with a camera started following us. I didn’t pay much attention to him UNTIL he actually started taking pictures, and then, because I’m an awesome mom, I turned to him and demanded that he hand over his camera and leave my kids alone or I would make him regret being born.

OK, I actually just asked him why he was taking pictures. I didn’t threaten him. As it turns out, he was a photographer who was covering the book sale for our local newspaper, and like any normal person, he couldn’t resist the allure of not only one, but THREE redheads. He didn’t say that second part out loud, but it was implied.

Anyhow, the kids and I spent a good hour browsing books and that man followed us for at least half the time, snapping along the way.

Logan and I ignored him, but Evelyn started to get aggravated and I could tell. I thought to warn the man about annoying Evelyn, but I also thought it might be funny to watch her throw a book at him or kick him with her high heels, after which I would have scolded her, of course. I certainly would have laughed, but only on the inside.

The photographer didn’t heed the warning signs of a redhead approaching a temper tantrum which led me to believe he was only vaguely familiar with our species.

Naturally, though, he simply couldn’t resist the allure of an entire ginger family. It was too much for him. He probably still doesn’t realise how lucky he was that Evelyn didn’t snap. I guess being stalked paid off, though – Evelyn and I ended up with our picture in the newspaper!

This is a normal occurrence for my ginger family. People look at us everywhere we go. I would too if I saw another ginger family out in public.

The weird thing, though, is that now that I think about it, I don’t think my ginger family has ever come across another ginger family. That would be really weird. We do run into other redheads, but never entire families.

Because of our combined ginger awesomeness, it has to be overwhelming (in the best way possible) when people encounter us. So I guess I can’t really blame the photographer for pursuing me and my ginger kids. In fact, I’m flattered that of all the people at that book sale, he picked us to photograph.

Logan and Evelyn are only kids and they haven’t had red hair as long as I have. Once they realise that people are envious of their natural beauty, they will come to appreciate being observed and copied. As redheads, they won’t really have a choice. They’re just going to have to get used to being adored.


By Diedra

Tune in every week (ish) for a dose of mischief and hilarity from Diedra and her ginger family. Check out the last installment!

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