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Tales of Ginger Kids: It’s Oh-So Quiet…

I used to have extra time – time to sit, time to think, time to sleep – but I don’t have that anymore.

And while I admit that some of it is my fault, I believe the bulk of the blame falls on my ginger kids. Before we had kids, my husband and I used to watch whatever we wanted, eat whatever we wanted, and sleep in on the weekends.

Life was blissful and quiet. We used to relax. But you know what happens when you’re blessed with little ginger babies? Things. Good and bad. Lots of good and bad things. So many things that it’s sometimes hard to remember what day it is and when was the last time you washed your hair. And there’s definitely no longer room for the word relax in your personal dictionary. You can forget about that.

These things that keep happening have slowed down just a little. Well, we’ve started to take baby steps in that direction.
Ginger Kidz

For one thing, Logan and Evelyn aren’t taking Taekwondo anymore. Mostly it’s because our contract ended, but to be honest, I found it tiring and time-consuming just to make it to the school in the evenings.

As I’ve been training to become a teacher, parenting two gorgeous vessels of pure evil at the same time does have a tendency to wear you out. This transition away from karate lessons DOES make me a little sad but my redheaded minions just weren’t motivated to do karate anymore. Logan told me that he’d decided that he wanted to try new things anyway.

You know as well as I do that you don’t just refuse a request from a headstrong ginger. Besides their irresistible charm and good looks, gingers are relentless when they want something! As I write this, Logan is bothering me about playing video games, and he’s been at it for an hour straight with no breaks.

Logan’s told me that he wants to play basketball, but so far all he’s done is play video games (big surprise there!) and jump on the trampoline.

Honestly, I don’t think Evelyn has even noticed that we haven’t been going to karate lessons. She has the attention span and memory of a goldfish. Not that that’s bad, but…okay, it’s bad. Her most used expressions are “Um, I don’t know,” and “Um, I can’t remember.”

Communicating with my ginger princess is a daily challenge. Besides her AWFUL memory, she uses five-year-old reasoning. Not just any five-year-old reasoning mind you, but five-year-old-bossy-ginger princess-diva reasoning.

I don’t really mind my darling little redheads not doing anything. I probably should, but I don’t. It gives me more time to focus on school work and my daunting, dreaded job search. Really, all I require of my little ginger monkeys is that they don’t yell in the house and that they don’t hurt or seriously maim each other.

I should probably let them know that murder is also a big no-no, but I assume that’s just common sense. Maybe I assume too much. I’ll probably sit them down for a “thou shalt not kill” talk shortly. I just can’t make myself into one of those moms that pushes their kids to take up any and every extracurricular activity they can so that maybe one day they can put it on a college application.

Seriously, what if my kids don’t even go to college? I want them to, but that’s going to be their choice. Anyhow, I think they call those moms “Tiger Moms”, and while I certainly look the part with my glorious orange hair (no stripes though), my tiger cubs have bigger personalities than most and don’t cave in easily.

This ginger mama can’t and won’t force them to do anything that doesn’t REALLY matter. It’s not worth the horrible battle that will ensue. We all know there can be only one outcome, and didn’t I just say that murder wasn’t allowed in this house? Besides, they’re going to hate me enough for absolutely no reason when they’re teenagers. I don’t want to add fuel to the fire.

So this teeny, tiny, little ‘slow down period we’ve reached? It’s not permanent. Once the summer holiday is over, it’ll be back to business as usual.

And even though we’ll have our evenings free of Tae-Kwondo classes, I’ll probably fill it with something else. Maybe ice skating, football or wood carving. OK, probably not wood carving.

I really do love that ginger hair guarantees good looks. I just wish it also guaranteed common sense. Unfortunately, that’s something that can’t be assured no matter what colour hair you have!


By Diedra

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