Photography: Gingers Stand Out from the Crowd!

I’ve been off for a short while, but I’ve got good news: I’m back!

With my camera at the ready, I’ll be scanning the environment for beautiful gingers once more. It’s a tricky job, searching among a sea of blondes and brunettes, but someone’s got to do it.

It’s not just redheads that flaunt gingerness! Just take a look at fast cars, fruit, Santa Claus, dogs, cows, horses, and even chickens; they’ve all gone red!

Red hair - stand out from the crowd

To celebrate my return as Ginger Parrot’s Photographer, here’s a photograph of myself in action. My red hair almost melts into the background into the golden-coloured long grass!

But generally,  I love the way my red hair attracts attention in photos. And it’s nice when you come across an old school teacher, who knew you even as a toddler. They recognise you instantly thanks to your ginger hair, but ignores your friend (who was also in the same grade)!

There are times when this doesn’t work in our favour, though. People who you really want to avoid will notice you from afar, when you just want to hide from them!

Hey, it’s all part of being a redhead; standing out from the crowd.


By Suzanne


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