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Coming Soon: The Philosophers, starring Bonnie Wright!

Coming Soon: The Philosophers, starring Bonnie Wright!

Oh how we’ve missed the Harry Potter series. Ginger Weasleys all day long, and now we only have our memories for company.

Well, we needn’t feel down in the dumps for too long, because natural redhead Bonnie Wright (Ginny, for those who don’t know) is back with her next film venture, The Philosophers!

The movie follows a Philosophy class and its teacher, whose latest experiment is to use the power of logic to decide which students would be worthy of a place in an underground shelter built to withstand a fast-approaching nuclear apocalypse.

The shelter only has space for ten people, which means certain death for some (let’s hope not Bonnie).

But the imaginary soon takes over reality when the class is faced with the consequences of the now-real scenario.

It all sounds very Lord of the Flies to us, but thrilling all the same!

Check out ginger Bonnie in the trailer below…


By Emma


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