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Ginger Beauty: How to get Big Hair like Paloma Faith!

Ginger Beauty: How to get Big Hair like Paloma Faith!

I love Paloma Faith. I love her eccentric, vintage-tinged style, and I love her soulful music, but most of all I love her beautiful, ginger hair!

She has had a stellar year, so who better to take New Year’s Eve Hair inspiration from?

2012 has seen a wide collection of hairstyles on Paloma’s ginger mane – glossy Veronica Lake waves, rockabilly updos and most recently Big Hair.

And when I say Big, I mean BIG! It’s still got a bit of the old Hollywood glamour about it, and I think it’s the perfect look for this party season.

Here’s how to get hair like Paloma Faith…

For this style, you will need rollers, a tail comb, a bristle brush, hair spray, and heat protector spray if doing a hot set.

First up, curl your hair – you want quite big curls for this as some of them will be brushed into waves. I use heated rollers because I can stick them in, pop a scarf over the top and get other things done while they work their magic!

(I’ve had many a raised eyebrow when I’ve popped out to get some milk from the corner shop, I’ll tell you!)

When your hair is ready, carefully take the rollers out and then the back combing begins. Taking each section of curl, use the tail comb to back-comb the base of each section.

Make sure you only comb the bottom few inches as the rest of the hair should retain it’s big curls. Concentrate on the crown of the head so that you create lots of height.

Then work your fingers through some of the curls – you still want definition but it’s better to be a little broken.

Next use the brush to smooth out some of the curls at the front into big waves, this is particulaly important around the fringe to create Paloma’s characteristic style.

This is obviously much easier if, unlike me, all your hair is a similar length! It was a bit of swine to get my fringe to behave itself, but hopefully you’ll get the idea. The big blonde streak is entirely optional, of course!

Finally: hairspray. Lots to keep it in place!

And that’s it.

Make up-wise it’s got to be black eyeliner flicks, and a bright pink lipstick.

Now you can have a rummage in the dressing up box, I’ve opted for a silver sequin trophy jacket and big bold necklace. Very Paloma!

I look forward to seeing you in your lovely gingerful glory!



The Dyeing Redhead x

Ginger Parrot

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