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Beauty: Get Embellished Up Do Like Florence Welch!

Beacon of ginger glamour, Florence Welch is not only one of the biggest musical stars out there right now, but is without a doubt a major fashion muse with her ethereal twist on vintage style and inspiring a host of designers including Frida Giannini of Gucci.

Part 21st Century Kate Bush, part ancient goddess, all trendsetter, she’s always one step ahead of the crowd when it comes to looking great. So I’ve had a go at one of her latest individual hair style, an embellished up-do!

When I first looked at this hairdo I thought to myself “Gee that looks a bit complicated” – I was expecting one of those herringbone braids which make me go all fingers and thumbs, swear a bit and then give up and go back to my  faithful mini-beehive.

But actually, for all its big impact it’s deceptively simple. Phew!


You will need:

Quite long hair (sorry ‘bob’ ladies!)

A hairbrush and ideally a tailcomb

A handful of kirby grips

A couple of hair ties


Frizz-ease or pomade or similar

Something pretty to decorate your hair. There are some great chain hair bands from Urban Outfitters and the like, but of course you can improvise. I’m using a vintage blue diamante necklace – very sparkly and the perfect contrast with my flaming red locks!

The first thing to do is part your hair down the middle, right down to the nape of your neck with a comb. Make sure that the parting is straight by checking with a strategically-placed mirror.

At this point you may want to put a tiny bit of Frizz-ease or similar through the lengths, just to eliminate some of the flyaways, although as it’s a pretty relaxed look you don’t need to worry about them too much.

Once you’ve done this, plait each half of your hair and secure with a hair tie. I’ve left some strands around my face loose so that they’ll frame it nicely later – it’s all about the prettiness. Think medieval princess!

Next up, you need to wrap the plaits across the top of your head. I’ve used the line of my fringe as the guide for where it will sit.

Lay the first plait across and secure with as many grips as necessary. You want to make sure it sits fairly flat above the temples so it doesn’t look too bulky.

Then lay the second plait across, cross it over the first one in the middle and tuck the end neatly under the first plait. Again secure with grips. Make sure you’ve got no sticky-out-y bits!

Florence Embellishment1

To make my fringe sweep to one side I’ve just used a tiny bit of pomade on my finger tips.

I‘ve then used a curling tong just to add a bit of a wave to strands around my face to soften the style as my hair is naturally poker straight, but if you’re blessed with naturally curly hair you’ll look fab already and I’m dead jealous!

Spritz with hairspray to hold it and you’re done!

Now the fun bit: EMBELLISHMENT! You can choose to go quite simple, but I’ve gone for something a bit over-the-top as I want this up-do with jewellery for a Christmas party.

It’s just held in place with a couple of grips. Of course, you can wear whatever you like with this up-do, I think a floral headband would look beautiful or how about a little 1920s style hairclip? Just divine!

Team with a fluid, floaty gown, a statement lip colour and channel your inner redhead siren this winter….

Florence Embellishment

I look forward to seeing all your gorgeous gingerful photos!



The Dyeing Redhead x

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