Timeless Redhead Style: 100 Years of Ginger Fashion Icons

Blondes, brunettes, redheads; gingers can often be cast aside.

But we say, “Hell no!”

Whether a fiery auburn or a strawberry shade, the last century of style has seen plenty of carrot-topped lovelies steal the limelight from their blonde and brunette friends.

Here we serve you our selection of ginger fashion icons from history, handpicked from the last hundred years…

1920s: Clara Bow

The ultimate silent star of the decadent ‘20s, the phrase ‘it’ girl was invented for Clara Bow, after her 1927 film ‘It’.

In the popular endeavour to revolt against society, sales of henna skyrocketed as girls imitated Clara’s deep flame-coloured locks and copied her heart-shaped pout with lipstick.

The original redhead icon, every item associated with opulent 1920s style can be attributed to her, including drop-waist frocks, long roped necklaces and lavish fur coats fit for The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.


1930s: Katharine Hepburn

As fiery haired as she was fiery hearted; Katharine put trousers in our wardrobes, in an era where they were expected to be worn by men. Paired with white button down shirts and blazer jackets, she perfected the masculine look which has been popular in fashion ever since.

Balancing between strength and softness, Katharine’s skin was pale and freckly, with her outfits always showing off her feminine waist. Ooh la la.


1940s: Rita Hayworth

Remembered as the vampy Gilda in the 1946 film noir classic, Rita Hayworth was a Hollywood icon of the golden era. Her bold red lips and her long legs meant that Rita exuded allure and sophistication, making any man powerless to resist.

She loved her glitzy costumes and loud jewellery too, which ensured she was always the height of exotic glam and the centre of Hollywood attention!


1950s: Lucille Ball

Her role in classic sitcom ‘I Love Lucy’ ensured that Lucille would always be held in iconic status.

Always fashionable, her boxy jackets, classic skirts and statement dresses were worn with a simplicity that expressed her down-to-earth, fun-loving charm. Her beautifully styled ginger mane became her onscreen trademark; I mean, a ginger has got to get her hair spot on!


1960s: Jane Asher

The coolest redhead of 1960s London, actress Jane Asher was first known as the long-time girlfriend of Paul McCartney during Beatlemania.

The height of laidback hip, Jane worked the classic sixties look without ever trying too hard. Her defining red hair and pale blue eyes were said to be the clinchers that caught the eye of the Beatles heartthrob.


1970s: Kate Bush

The eternally ethereal hippie, Kate Bush was the ultimate kooky dream. Her background in dance led her to mixing floaty chiffons and silks with spandex leggings and dancewear.

Her wild auburn hair, large doe eyes and wistful demeanour added to her status as a style icon and her eminence as the epitome of quirky bohemia.


1980s: Molly Ringwald

Flying high as queen of ‘80s popular culture, Molly Ringwald was the definitive teenage icon. Her style mixed a tough masculine edge with frilly and feminine influences, her red tresses adding an extra element to her creative individuality.

Think oversized floral patterns, high-waisted long skirts and shoulder-padded blazers, all thrown on with clashing aplomb and finished with a bowler hat.


1990s: Ginger Spice

[Image: FIONA HANSON/PA Archive/Press Association Images]

Arguably the most iconic redhead of recent times, Geri Halliwell burst onto the scene in the ‘90s as one part of infamous girl band, The Spice Girls.

Along with a penchant for girl power, her platform boots and Union Jack dress were the stuff of legend and young girls the world over actually emulated her gaudy fashion sense.


2000s: Christina Hendricks

Championing pale skin, red hair and a figure we’re all jealous of, Christina Hendricks was thrown into our periphery with the arrival of Mad Men in 2007.

Her bountiful curves loved by women and men alike, Christina continues to unapologetically dress for herself, going against the Hollywood grain. What a star.


2010s: Emma Stone

Although a blonde masquerading as a redhead, we all know Emma Stone is ginger at heart. For the past few years, she’s been quietly building up a style following as steadily as her film career and we predict world domination by the time this decade’s out.

Her laidback sophistication and porcelain skin mark the beginnings of her style icon status against a sea of orange-skinned blondes.


By Josie

Josie is a blogger for fashion site miinto where you can find style inspiration and clothing.


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