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Tales of Ginger Kidz: The Ginger Club

I’m a substitute teacher, but it’s only temporary. If all goes according to plan, and assuming I can find a job, I could be in my own classroom by this time next year. Exciting, right?!?

Well, I thought so too, but Evelyn told me that she didn’t want me to be a teacher. She said that she wanted me to just be “mommy”. I then explained to her that I could be both, and after a month’s consideration, she gave me her blessing.

Subbing for other teachers is providing me with some much-needed classroom experience. Last week, I was ‘lucky’ enough to be working in a kindergarten class for an afternoon, and was surprised to see a cute little ginger girl in the class when I got there.

Considering that only 2% of the United States’ population has red hair, I’m always surprised when I encounter another little redhead.

Anyway, this little girl looked and acted so much like Evelyn that had I not known any better, I would’ve assumed they were long lost sisters. And even though it was hard, because she was the cutest thing ever, I had to treat all the children in the class equally.

It was so obvious that the kids weren’t equal though. Come on, I had a highly superior ginger in the class! At the end of the day, she was sad to see me go; we were good friends.

She said, “You know what the best part of my day was? When you got here because you have red hair like me.”

That little ginger totally made my day! And it makes me wonder if Evelyn is one of her teacher’s favorites.

Being part of the exclusive “Ginger Club” makes me so proud. Unfortunately, I think it also makes me a little more critical of people with ‘other’ hair colours.

For Halloween, I took my kids to Boo at the Zoo, a Halloween carnival. It was great fun despite the cold. Evelyn was dressed as Princess Merida (obviously!) and Logan was a ginga. You know, a ginger ninja.

While we were there, we saw plenty of princesses, but only two other Meridas. One little girl wore a silly red wig with her costume, and the other didn’t even bother changing her hair. I debated on whether or not to tell her mother that Princess Merida was NOT a blonde.

I started wondering why on Earth I was being so critical of these cute little girls, and then it hit me. I was being defensive of gingers.

Those little girls just weren’t redheads. I mean, it was hardly their fault, nobody’s perfect, but when faced with impostors, I found myself asserting my and my kids’ gingerness.

In my defense, only 4% of the entire world’s population is lucky enough to be born ginger. I think that’s just enough to make us feel super special and maybe a little protective of our uniqueness.

It really is amazing how us gingers have our own little unofficial club. When we see each other, it’s like we’ve known each other forever. We seem to gravitate toward each other naturally.

I don’t think brunettes flock together the way redheads do. Probably because there are just too many of them.

Plus, I love that ginger culture is something that goes beyond the gorgeous hair and pale skin. We GET each other in ways that blondes and brunettes don’t.


By Diedra

Tune in every week for a dose of mischief and hilarity from Diedra and her ginger family. Check out the last installment!

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