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Tales of Ginger Kidz: The Ginger Charm

Tales of Ginger Kidz: The Ginger Charm

Besides being drop-dead gorgeous, my ginger kids are full of personality. So much so that I’m convinced that they’re going to be famous one day.

Seriously, they can charm the pants off of anyone. Because of that, I sometimes start to panic about what things will be like when my ginger babies are teenagers.

I try to convince everyone (myself included) that since I’m their Ginger Mama, I’m immune to their charms. I know that isn’t true though.

Earlier this week, I was talking to my doctor, who’s a ginger by the way, and he was asking about my kids. When I mentioned Logan, my doctor said that when he (my doctor) was little, he was teased about his red hair.

He asked me if Logan was teased at school about his hair. What could I say? Logan has never been teased about being ginger. He has such a way with the ladies that even the older girls at school chasing after him.

Evelyn’s personality is just as magnetic. Other kids are sometimes put off by how straightforward she is, but adults are completely taken in by her.

For example, at karate one night, while one of the instructors was addressing a group of parents, Evelyn decided that she HAD to inform him that she had recently graduated to a new belt. I mean IMMEDIATELY.

In her beautiful little mind, it was something that couldn’t wait, so she ran up to the front of the classroom, stood in front of her instructor and said loudly and proudly:


I have to admit, it was adorable, and the other parents agreed. Her instructor thanked her for informing him, and then she clarified her statement, “I’m red DECIDED now!”

Evelyn was the centre of attention and she loved it. Parents giggled and commented on how cute she was (which really only encourages her). I was a little embarrassed, but as a parent, I’ve come to expect the unexpected, especially with Evelyn.

Anywho, as I like to tell myself, though it may not be entirely true, I’m only MOSTLY immune to my kids’ charming ginger ways.

Just a couple of nights ago, Evelyn came running out of my bedroom looking incredibly guilty about something, so I asked her why she looked that way.

Instead of saying anything, she just walked over to me and smiled the biggest, prettiest smile I’ve ever seen on her little baby face. Then she ran away.

I was so bewitched by her ginger magnetism that I never bothered to investigate what she’d done. In fact, I still don’t know what she was up to that night. I hope I don’t find a rotten apple hidden somewhere in my bedroom. Yikes!

Since I’ve been subbing quite a bit this week at my kids’ school, I found out that my darling little gingers are pretty famous there. Every time someone sees me in the hall, they say “Oh, you’re Evelyn’s mom,” or “You’re Logan’s mom, right?”

Actually, one little girl who is a grade ahead of Logan, stopped me yesterday morning and made me PROMISE to tell Logan that she said ‘Hi’. After that incident, I’ve decided to refer to him as the Prince Harry of Elementary School.

My kids definitely embed themselves in people’s memories – bright red hair, dashing good looks, intelligence and charm to last a millennium.

What a lethal combination! I’m convinced that while most of the human population is unforgettable, no one ever forgets a ginger.

I mean, you wouldn’t forget a unicorn if you saw one, would you?


By Diedra

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