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Fashion: Life in Colour with teastained Lil

“Those shoes weren’t always red…”

In perhaps one of the finest visually poetic moments, when The Wizard of Oz was transformed into colour and the film magnificently came to life, ‘those’ shoes weren’t always red.

To accentuate this wonderful arousal of cheer and vibrancy, a last-minute decision meant that Dorothy’s then silver shoes would be changed to red to give this cinematic moment the colourful punch it needed.

Gifted with such visual stimulation, red in every sense of the word is a woman’s most powerful weapon; red lips, a red dress, red nails, and yes; red hair – those are your WMDs, right there.

If lucky enough to be genetically gifted with such empowering gingerful locks, or even if you’re just an aspiring redhead, you’re in a position to – with the right outfit – knock ‘em ‘red’!

‘Belle Bouquet’ dress

Back to those iconic shoes, Dorothy knew they were her most powerful weapon.

She was also clever enough, or rather I should say the designers were clever enough – the girl did befriend a talking lion, a man made of metal and one of straw – to realise that the red works beautifully with many other colours – one being yellow – hence the yellow brick road, and another – a rich green – hence the Emerald city.

On trying to recapture that moment when The Wizard of Oz is ‘magic-wanded’ into colour and thinking about suitable occasion-wear for the redheaded lady, there is no better choice than the ‘Bouquet Belle’ dress at teastained Lil.

Enriched with colour, vibrant, seductive in design and full of passion; the ‘Bouquet Belle’ is the epitome of ginger style and offers a definitive post ‘magic-wanded’ moment.

Like ketchup is to a chip, dip your little redheaded self into this number and you’ll be everyone’s favourite winter indulgence.

Clever stitching is perfect for guiding that waist into the Barbie-sized territory we all yearn for.

‘Oz’ earrings

Paired with our ‘Oz’ Peridot green earrings, you may not have any friends left as they’ll be too darn jealous of your look – so much so that perhaps, much like our dear Dorothy, this may result in you attempting to acquire a man made of metal or straw, if desperate for a date!

In a true Oz homage, you may choose to pair with red heels; although, we can’t guarantee that three clicks will get you anywhere, so maybe just holla a taxi instead.

Bringing you style and life in colour, teastained Lil – a women’s fashion website and shopping experience – is proud to work with Ginger Parrot and offer you a look inspired by and designed for all you wonderful redheads.

In honour of this collaboration, teastained Lil is delighted to offer all Ginger Parrot readers a 10% discount on their first order at www.teastainedlil.com by quoting GINGER12.

Now there’s a fashion carrot being dangled if ever I did see one.

Lots of ‘Lil’ Love,

teastained Lil x

teastained Lil is an online women’s fashion boutique and shopping experience. Committed to selling style with style, teastained Lil offers vintage-inspired clothes and jewellery along with a number of style services.

Putting shopping back in fashion, teastained Lil is on a mission to provide a shopping solution that is inspired, convenient and fun, and to create an environment within which women feel special and deserving.


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