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Fashion: Day-to-Night Dresses

Got a work event or Christmas party in the evening but have to go to the office during the daytime? Can’t be fussed with changing after hours?

Nah, us neither. So, we’ve put together a collection of nifty numbers, suitable to wear for both work and play!

And the best part is, whether you’re a natural or unnatural redhead, we’ve selected shades that will truly compliment your ginger complexion and red hair colour.

During the daytime, wear some cutesy black or coloured tights, then come clocking-off time, get out your pins and brightly coloured heels!

Topshop: £38

Day: Wear underneath a cute, coloured cardigan, tights and flats or ankle boots

Night: Get your dancing shoes on, preferably brightly coloured!


Missguided.com: £22.99

Day: Black tights with flats or boots

Night: A pair of killer black heels or platforms


Boohoo.com: £22

Day: Black platforms, like the smiley lady is wearing above (she’s very happy)

Night: No change, you’re ready to rock!

New Look: £19.99

Day: With tights and boots, this dress is made to look edgy and fun

Night: Black heels, with or without tights

Boohoo.com: £20

Day: Suitable for the smarter office, wear with heels, and tights if you prefer

Night: Lose your tights if you want, but keep the heels on


 By Emma

Ginger Parrot

Ginger Parrot is ready and raring to report on all things nice and gingerful, and provides an online store too, offering Ginger Parrot merchandise, clothing, hair products, gifts and more for the redhead and redhead lover community.