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WRITER WANTED: The Dyeing Redhead

Being spreaders of ginger joy and wonderment, the time has come when Ginger Parrot is looking for a writer with very specific criteria indeed.

That’s right; our gingerful website is searching high and low for one writer/beauty blogger with red hair, but not naturally-speaking.

We want someone who loves life as redhead, and chose to be that way. Sorry natural gingers, this time isn’t for you (but you can still write for us).

Being completely unnatural, you will head ‘The Dyeing Redhead’ section of our Beauty column, having full reign of your own section of the website, committing to one article per week.

Anything red hair dye related will be your scope, whether that’s writing product reviews (we’ll make it our mission to get you some freebies!) or creating video blogs showing recreations of red-haired celebrity hair-dos, you will be able to make ‘The Dyeing Redhead’ your own.

No particular writing experience is necessary, although it will help your application. Please don’t let this put you off though, just an extra healthy craving for providing other dyed redheads with the best hair tips, plus a knack for sniffing out the latest hair trends is enough for us.

We should also note that we sadly cannot provide any monetary expenses for the role at this point; but we hope the rush you feel when sourcing for your own literary baby plus Ginger Parrot’s growth, will be enough to feed your ginger pride. It definitely works for us!

All things nice and gingerful

Interested? Please make sure you’ll be available to write at least one article each week (or more if you fancy it!), which don’t have to be particularly lengthy, but published on a regular weekly basis.

Still interested? Send us an email with the following information, and we’ll be in touch:

> Name

> General location

> Any writing experience you may have

> Why you decided to dye your hair red

> Your favourite ginger celebrity (natural or unnatural, we don’t mind)

> A recent photograph, so we can see your lovely locks!


We’re really looking forward to welcoming this Ginger newbie to our happy family, you’ll also land yourself a spot on our Team Page!

Click here to get in touch!


Gingerfully yours,

The Ginger Parrot Team x

Ginger Parrot

Ginger Parrot is ready and raring to report on all things nice and gingerful, and provides an online store too, offering Ginger Parrot merchandise, clothing, hair products, gifts and more for the redhead and redhead lover community.


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