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Tales of Ginger Kidz: Ginger Girl Power!

Tales of Ginger Kidz: Ginger Girl Power!

My ginger kids have a new obsession. They’re completely hung up on The Hunger Games! My husband and I watched it at home for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I luuuuuurved it, so on the way to school the next day, I started telling the kids about the story and told them that I thought they’d really like it.

They watched it after school and they loved it too. In fact, they liked it so much that they watched it FOUR times in TWO days and they’ve been playing their own version of The Hunger Games all weekend.

I’m currently reading the book so I’ve been encouraging the boys to do the same. They haven’t picked it up so far, but Evelyn likes to carry it around and pretend to read it.

My special little gingers have actually been combining their new passion for The Hunger Games with their old fondness for zombies.

For example, yesterday evening, I was home alone with Evelyn and my nephew, Nate. Evelyn was busy playing by herself in my bedroom and Nate was watching a cheesy zombie movie in the living room. (There’s ALWAYS a cheesy zombie movie on at any given time in October. Gotta love Halloween!).

I watched Evelyn walk into my bathroom, look in the mirror and say in the silliest voice she could manage, “Happy Hunger Games!” Then she ran into the living room and attacked Nate. She pummeled him with a pillow, but Nate managed to “kill” Evelyn.

Evelyn didn’t stay dead for long though. She promptly came back as a zombie and tried to eat Nate’s brains. Mayhem ensued but the madness ended when Evelyn tripped over her own feet and crashed head-first into the couch.

Today, all four of the kids (Logan, Evelyn and my non-ginger nephews) were playing their own Hunger Games in the backyard. My nephew, Anthony, carried his trusty plastic knife with him. Nate decided to use his bare hands and brute strength. Evelyn had her bow and arrows (which is actually part of her Princess Merida Halloween costume). Logan had a knife and sword.

Once the games started, only one child was allowed to emerge victoriously from the backyard. I’m pretty sure Anthony won this time, though no one ACTUALLY died so I’m not 100% sure.

I know my kids are young, and sometimes I’m guilty of letting them watch things they shouldn’t, but I think Katniss from The Hunger Games is a great role model for them, especially for Evelyn.

I know, I know, Katniss isn’t a ginger, but she’s tough, smart and resilient. I mean, if you really think about it, she TOTALLY should have been a redhead! Katniss reminds me of Princess Merida and it’s not just because of the bow and arrows. I think Evelyn can sense the similarities between the two.

You know what though? Evelyn is only four years old. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. One thing I’m sure of is that MY beautiful redheaded daughter doesn’t pretend to be a helpless Disney Princess, like Snow White or Ariel. She picks the bad-asses and I’m very proud of that! Which is quite a ginger trait, wouldn’t you say?

And if the time ever comes where we have to offer tributes to the State, my gingers would gladly volunteer, much to the dismay of their mother.


By Diedra

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