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Halloween Costumes For Gingers: Amy Pond

If you fell in love with ginger Amelia Pond during the latest series of Doctor Who (and all the series before), you’ll no doubt be pining for the Scottish assistant’s fashion taste whilst mourning her tragic departure from the show. And what better excuse to dress in Amy-esque gear than for Halloween!

Quite frankly, this is the easiest fancy dress costume of all. And, you’ll be able to wear each of these options every day after Halloween, so just think of it as buying a whole new wardrobe for yourself!

Red tartan shirt

H&M: £14.99

Skinny skinny jeans

Zara: £25.99


Your red locks have got to be on top form tonight, as your ginger mane will be the dead giveaway as to who your fancy dress character is.

Take good care of your head a few days beforehand, treating your red hair to an intensive leave-in conditioner to make it suuuuper shiny.

And on the spooky night itself, blow dry your hair straight(ish) and then curl the ends into loose waves with some curling irons. Spritz a mist of extra-hold hair spray and you’re ready to party like Amy Pond!

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By Emma

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Enhance and care for red hair using Gingerful

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