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Twin Red Pandas Born at Dublin Zoo!

Twin Red Pandas Born at Dublin Zoo!

I’m terribly saddened to have to tell you this, people, but redheads aren’t actually the cutest things on this planet. Yup, there’s something even cuter out there; it’s the red panda babies over at Dublin Zoo!

Aren’t they twee? And don’t they just make you want to say, “A-gooojiiij-bababububahhh“? No? Just me? Okay then.

The ginger animals were actually born a few months ago, but Dublin Zoo have found it tricky to catch sighting of the siblings unless they leave their den at night.

Team Leader of Dublin Zoo, Eddie O’Brien, said: “They are both doing very well and getting more adventurous and confident as they can now be seen exploring their habitat during the day.”

Adventurous and confident? Well, that’s gingers for you!

If you fall in love them as we have, you can adopt a red panda from €40 each. What a great Christmas gift idea!

Want to see them in action? Here you go!

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By Emma

[Image: Tim Ireland/PA Wire/Press Association Images]

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