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Tales of Ginger Kidz: Multi-Tasking Ginger Life

Tales of Ginger Kidz: Multi-Tasking Ginger Life

The past few weeks have been so incredibly hectic with school, the kids’ karate lessons, my teaching classes, and a million other things. I’ve been lucky that Logan and Evelyn have adjusted well to going back to school. I, however, have had quite a difficult adjustment going back to school.

I’ve been out of school for *ahem* a while, so reading (not for pleasure) and studying didn’t quite click at first, and my little gingers sure haven’t helped.

They’re the loudest kids on the planet so my typical homework session goes something like this: I read a paragraph, then shout at children to be quiet, read another paragraph, break up a fight, read another paragraph, then stop to feed a cranky kid. Phew. Other times I have to balance my history readings with a preschool book (totally not by choice, by the way). You get the idea.

Logan and Evelyn didn’t understand at first why I was going back to school, so I had to explain it to both of them. Evelyn told me that she didn’t want me to be a teacher, but that she wanted me to be her ginger mommy all the time. I guess it didn’t register with her four-year-old brain that I can do two things at once.

Logan felt the opposite and was excited, thinking that maybe I’d be teaching him even though I explained that I wanted to teach high school English, waaaay too old for him.

Because if there’s any single important thing I’ve learned from having children, it’s that I could NEVER, EVER, EVER in a million billion years teach 20 small children at once.

I figure, since I have two ginger kids, little terrors that they are, they account to the equivalent of approximately six regular kids, right? That’s definitely the limit of my patience. Logan and Evelyn have ruled early childhood education out for me completely.

We’ve not had much non-school recreation during the past week. Since it’s still too hot and sunny for any redhead to venture outdoors right now, these ginger kids have been spending a lot of time playing video games and watching cartoons.

I tried to get them to be more active, but honestly, it’s just too hot! We have little wiener dogs, but they’re old and decrepit, so even tossing around a tennis ball and playing fetch has been abandoned.

A couple of days ago, Evelyn decided she wanted to help me feed those same little dogs so I had her do the easy part – pouring dry dog food into the bowls. I actually appreciated her help because I was busy painting and trying to cook at the same time (I’m a freakishly great multi-tasker).

Next, I heard crunching noises, but the dog food was still sitting on the counter. Confused as I was, I tracked down the source of the crunching noises and discovered that Evelyn was munching on a handful of dog food. When I told her to put it back where she found it, her only response was “but I like it.” I guess that’s settled then. When we run out of regular human food during the inevitable zombie apocalypse, Evelyn will survive on dog food.

As if we weren’t busy enough lately, Logan has now decided that he wants to join the orchestra at his school. I signed the permission form, but now I’m wondering when we’re ever going to get any sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for him to learn to play the cello, but they both already go to karate twice a week and to Boy Scouts every Thursday. (Yes, Evelyn thinks she’s a BOY Scout!)

It’s not all that bad I suppose. I think I’d actually be quite proud to say at recitals, “That’s mine in the front, the tall REDHEAD.” Every cloud has a silver lining, right?


By Diedra

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