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Tales of Ginger Kidz: Mosquitos Attack!

A few years ago, when Evelyn was a baby and Logan was much smaller, we went to a barbecue at a friend’s house. There were two other kids there; an adorable little blonde girl and a cute little brown-haired boy.

It was very warm outside so the adults, brilliant as we are, stayed inside. Logan and his two companions, however, played out in the backyard. They did kid things, you know, like digging up worms and playing games, and they got sweaty and SUPER icky.

It was summer, so I expected some bug bites, but when Logan walked in the door, he looked like he had chicken pox. Mosquitoes had bitten him all over his head and arms and he couldn’t stop scratching!

The worst part was that because his skin is so sensitive (cheers, ginger genes), the mosquito bites were swollen to twice their normal size. The other two kids had barely a mark on them!

Logan isn’t the only one in the house susceptible to being eaten alive by the only animal on the planet that serves no purpose whatsoever.

A couple of weeks ago, we had some stormy weather and the power went out right around bedtime. It was still warm outside and we were sweltering, so every time the rain would let up a little, we would open the back door of the house.

I can admit now, that was not a good idea with so many gingers under one roof. Eight hours of no electricity turned into a house full of mosquitoes by morning! Fortunately for the kids, the mosquitoes favoured their ginger mama that night so I was the one who had to run around looking like I had the measles.

And for the next few days after the storms? Oh, we had electricity, but there was stagnant water in puddles all over our yard, and what does that mean? More mosquitoes, aaargh!

Mosquitoes (and other bugs) love my fair-skinned redheads. Even when there are 20 other kids around, my kids are the ones who get attacked by mozzies. Well, unless there’s another ginger in the group, then that poor kid gets it too.

And usually, when a mosquito bite will just leave a tiny mark on someone else, my kids start to look like they have some terrible disease. When Evelyn was last bitten by a mosquito, I could’ve sworn up and down that it was a spider bite had I not known about this situation.

Nope, just a mosquito bite. How have these kids NOT caught some exotic disease like West Nile Virus or Malaria?!? Actually, as I’m writing this, Logan is scratching a mosquito bite right smack in the middle of his forehead. I hope he doesn’t get Yellow Fever. Poor kid.

When gingers dare to venture outside, they have to be especially careful to protect their skin, not just from the sun, but from bugs as well. Mosquitoes are attracted to those of us who are a little fairer than the rest.

I’m convinced it’s because there’s sugar in our veins, and no amount of bug repellant can hide it. Scientific research has proven that gingers are super sweet, right? RIGHT? Yep, we all know it’s true.


By Diedra

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