Tales of Ginger Kidz: Hair Troubles

Evelyn’s hair is a force to be reckoned with. I mean that. The ginger colour takes care of itself but her Princess Merida curls have to be nurtured and pampered to perfection.

When she was born, she had nothing but a strip of bright orange right on the top of her head, when one day, little ringlets started growing at an alarming rate. Her curly ginger mop was fairly easy to care for until it reached about shoulder length. But nowadays, our combing sessions make both of us cry.

I have a method for combing Evelyn’s mane. First I spray it with detangler, then I twist it at the nape of her neck and comb the ponytail part, VERY carefully, slowly working my way up to the top of her head.

It’s a bit backwards, I know. Most people comb from the top down but Evelyn and I aren’t most people. Sometimes I’ll braid her hair before bed, and that helps tremendously, but it doesn’t happen every night.

Recently, I saw an ad on television for a comb that ‘supposedly’ made combing tangles easy and pain free. So after detailed research, and refusal to pay outrageous shipping fees, I went down to a local beauty supply store, and found the same item for much less money (score!). It was a different brand, but come on, it was the same thing! I know you’ve all done the same. DON’T JUDGE ME.

I brought my new tangle taming machine home (or whatever it was called), eager to test it on my little flame-haired pixie. I kept the receipt though. You know, JUST IN CASE.

Evelyn combed the top layers of her hair with it and it worked just fine, but when it came to underneath, that was a different story. More crying, more pain. Trust me, her little ginger curls would turn into little ginger dreadlocks if they’re not properly maintained.

So I had another brainwave. Why not stick her in the bathtub, wash her hair and lather it up with conditioner and THEN comb it using the new comb? I thought it was a brilliant plan.

Errrr, actually, I thought wrong. Evelyn began screaming in pain when I started with the comb so I said, “Well, it’s tangled. What did you expect?” and because Evelyn is such a spirited little redhead, she responded in the meanest tone I’ve ever heard escape her lips:


I tried the comb on my hair, and it works great, but I’m not blessed with naturally curly hair either. There should actually be a disclaimer on the box: “No comb on this planet will completely alleviate pain associated with combing curly hair. Use at your own risk. Good luck.” Then I’d know what I was in for.

But despite the fighting and screaming that occurred during this experiment, I will admit that this comb works better at getting rid of tangles than a normal comb or brush.

The bristles are uneven (some are longer than others) and they’re pliable. It seems to comb through Evelyn’s hair instead of breaking it. So I kept the stupid comb.

I realised that the only thing that’s going to save Evelyn and I from the pain of hair-combing is shaving her head and we all know that’s not gonna happen. I’ve given up hope of finding a product that will make combing her hair a pleasant experience instead of one that fills the pit of my stomach with dread.

Now I’m just waiting for the day when she can care for her copper tresses on her own!


By Diedra

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