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If ginger hair is good for just one thing, it’s for standing out from the crowd, and the latest style addiction as seen at London Fashion Week this month is a perfect way to flaunt it.

Regiments, gold buttons and deep forest green are all inspirations for the Military trend, and we all know how complimentary green is for redheads!

We’ll be bringing our favourite selection of winter military-style overcoats soon, but first – let’s get the basics right.

An easy way to perfect smart-casual look for work, a party, or after-work drinks is a military-style frock. The general rules follow muted, rather dark colours, in flattering, curvaceous fittings.



Victoria Beckham at Net-a-porter.com: £1,550


 Topshop: £42


Stand by our winter coat spread as well a special make-up trend report!


By Emma

Ginger Parrot

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